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Turnkey Diesel Generator Solutions in Sri Lanka

Prime Power  (Private) limited is the exclusive Distributor for PRIME POWER Diesel Generators Genuine spare parts in Sri Lanka. We Supply Cummins Diesel Generators, Perkins Diesel Generators, Volvo, Doosan & other reputed engine powered units. 

We carry out site inspection , Load Calculation, Supply , Installation & Maintenance of the Diesel Generators including the units supplied by other Generator Suppliers in Sri Lanka. We are truly committed to deliver innovative power solutions and take care of exact needs while assuring both economy and effectiveness.

With the dynamic team of experts in the industry who are experienced over 20 years and creative partnership with reputed generator manufacturers , the company aims to be the pioneer among the Diesel Generator Suppliers in Sri Lanka.

generator companies in sri lanka

Who are we ?


We have been generator professionals &  generator suppliers for over two-decades and during the last 20 years we have built a successful trusted brand within the Power Generation sector and we are proud of our recognition, not only in Sri Lanka but internationally . Our success is due to having excellent staff, great customers and a trusted supply chain.


As a result of our strategy and endeavour we have strengthened our position continuously and enjoyed strong organic growth over the last ten years in the market Segment we operate.

As a specialist manufacturer of ATS panels, LV Distribution, Controls and Electrical Switchgear , Prime Power is a name you can trust with your back up power system.


What we do

A generator can be used for standby, prime or baseload applications. We Supply, Install open frame and enclosed soundproof options from 10kVA right the way up to 4mVA in a single generator configuration or Synchronized . 

We offer a full design and installation as well as maintenance and warranty support from our global manufacturer. Our in-house switchgear assembly team builds ATS panels, LV distribution, synchronizing equipment, and control panels up to 3200amps.

As we look forward to our future development, in line with our core values, quality control measures, and service excellence, we are confident we will continue to grow our business and in turn help our customers maintain their power supply. We look forward to doing business with you, as your preferred generator supplier, in 2022 and beyond.

Our After Sales Services

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Generator Service & Repair

We provide Comprehensive Repair Services including Engine overhaul , Alternator Repairs Etc.


Generator Spare Parts

We Provide the Complete Range of Genuine Generator Spare Parts with Reasonable prices.

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Generator Maintenance

Annual Maintenance Contracts are carried out by PRIME POWER at Best Rates in the Market Today.

Generator suppliers in Sri Lanka

generator companies in sri lanka

prime is regarded as one of the best generator companies in sri lanka. The reason is that we supply best generators in sri lanka with very competitive price and best after-sales service. we supply best cummins, perkins, doosan & teksan generators in sri lanka with unmatchable after sales service and due to the reason we have been famous as of the best generator companies in sri lanka. 

after becoming the preferred diesel generator supplier in sri lanka prime power team became the level of cummins generator agent here and won the award for best online generator companies in sri lanka. if you are looking for most comprehensive generator solutions from any of the generator companies in sri lanka , Prime power is the go partner for all your diesel generators in sri lanka.

What is our specialty is that we work with our diesel generator clients with maximum support from all the generator suppliers in sri lanka for installation and advisory. 

if you want be the partner with please contact us we are ready to help you.

Generator suppliers in sri lanka

Getting a generator that can handle all your power generation needs is one of the most critical aspects of the purchasing decision.  Whether you are interested in prime or standby power, if your new generator can’t meet your specific requirements then it simply won’t be doing anyone any good because it can put undue stress on the unit and even damage some of the devices connected to it.  Unfortunately, determining exactly what size of generator to get is often very difficult and involves a number of factors and considerations. 

Making a choice amongst single phase, three phase, kW, KVA, welder, standby or motor starting generators can be mind-boggling. To prevent such confusion, this article was developed to help you get a better idea of how the sizing process works and some key things to keep in mind.  This is not a substitute for a certified electrician, which we always suggest talking to before buying, but it should provide you with enough information to get a solid understanding of some of the key things that are involved.Generator Size Variations:  With the latest advancements in the field of electrical engineering, generators are now available in a wide range of sizes. Generators with power supply capacities of 5kW to 50kW are readily available in the personal and home use markets, while industrial generators are anywhere from 50kW to over 3 Megawatts.  Handy and portable gensets are available for homes, RV’s and small offices, but larger businesses, data centers, buildings, plants, and industrial applications need to use the much larger sized industrial generators to meet their higher power requirements.


Generator Sizing – How Much Power?:  Many people believe smaller generators can be used for standby electric power because they are notrunning all the time. This is not only a myth but can actually be very detrimental. Unfortunately, generator under sizing is one of the most common mistakes committed by buyers.  Not only does it involve the risks of damaging your new asset (the generator), but it can also damage other assets connected to it, create hazardous situations, and even limit overall productivity of the unit and/or the business relying on it.  If nothing else, the key thing to remember here is that more is always better than less.  


How to Determine the Right Size Engine or Generator: While there is no substitute for having a certified electrician perform an inspection and calculate everything for you, the guidelines below do offer some great starting points and should at least get you started in the right direction:

Know Your Requirements: Going to a dealer and buying the best or cheapest generator available without any other consideration is clearly nothe best approach. It is always better to delve deep into your power generation requirements before making a choice. You can do this in the following ways: 

Make a list of the items that need to be powered by the generator

Make a note of the starting and running wattage of the respective items

Calculate the total power requirements in KVA or KW

How to Find the Starting and Running Wattage: Getting the right starting and running wattage of the devices you intend to power is crucial for calculating the accurate power requirements. Normally, you will find these in the identification plate or the owner’s manual in the buyer’s kit of each respective device, tool, appliance, or other electrical equipment/Ampere – Watt Conversion:  You may often find power requirements of tools stated in amperes. In order to convert the power requirement of 


Generator Sri Lanka

Located in the industrial area of Albania , with a surface of 10,000m2, this building has the capacity of increasing production day by day. Our products and services operate not only in Balkan countries but also in the global market.We follow the moto “WE HAVE THE POWER“ . We have 19 years of experience in GENERATORS’ market this is the
reason why we produce high – quality equipped with the latest technology, in order to meet
Customers’ specific requests for large volumes and fast delivery time.

We have the capacity to produce diesel generator sets from 1-3700 Kva, soundproof canopies, mono-phase and three phase and synchronizing systems. We possess a production line for the generator with the best brands, accompanied by OEM Letters (from Volvo / Perkins / Scania / FPT Iveco / Cummins / Doosan / Marelli / Stamford Mecc Alte etc.. ) and a high qualified staff who is occupied on the whole process of designing, manufacturing the generators and exporting them all around: Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Libya, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, UK, Africa, Sri Lanka, Slovakia, Russia, Qatar, Pakistan, Czech Republic, Panama, Malta, Switzerland, Poland, Bulgaria, Egypt, Georgia, Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Ethiopia etc… according to the world quality standards.

Focusing on specific strategies for different industries,  Group is today a leading genset manufacturer in Albania, offering excellent quality standards and operational perform